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Want to make hybrid working permanent? Read this first

UK employees now want to work remotely for half the week, according to our latest report with the Centre for Economics and Business Research. But what have new ways of working done for employers?...

Understand how Internet Influence Campaigns impact your thinking

In Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Russia, China, New York, Iran and thousands of other locations around the world, influencers are developing and implementing strategies that exploit human vulnerabilities to sell products and amass power....

Huawei HAS (Or HAS Not)

5G had aggressive rollout plans anyway and COVID has exasperated the need for this new tech. Aligned to this and the political shenaniganss amidst COVID’s time, Huawei had their Annual Analyst Summit with some interesting takeaways.

Business Functions Ready for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sweeping the world of business. Most business owners and senior executives have entered the race to implement AI initiatives, but many are still stuck in the starting blocks, wondering where to start.

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