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The CIO WaterCooler is a free, open and supportive networking community for IT leaders and leading technologists from around the world to come together, share their news and views and discuss the challenges they are facing.

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The CIO WaterCooler community brings together global CIOs, technologists and IT leaders for free, open and supportive networking and collaboration with other technology industry experts. Members are encouraged to share their news and views, and discuss the challenges they face as they lead the technology and digital transformations of their organisations on a journey of innovation.


CIO Watercooler research is used by leading IT Professionals looking to access insightful technology reports and papers put together by independent industry researchers and leading data providers. CIO Watercooler provides leading technology vendors with the opportunity to collaborate with an exclusive IT community providing impartial, expert opinions to help organisations navigate today’s technology landscape. >> Get Access



With a regular calendar of valuable digital boardroom and virtual focus events for IT professionals, CIOs and technology leaders, CIO Watercooler events are hosted and attended by some of the world’s leading IT thought leaders and technology visionaries. With focus being on digital transformation, CIO Watercooler is passionate about providing the best value IT events on an invitation-only basis for the technology community. >> Be Invited



Committed to sharing opinions and expertise, our extensive library of articles, blogs and ideas are the starting point for insightful technology discussion with other IT leaders and technology experts. From exclusive interviews with world leading global CIOs, to networking opportunities with industry analysts and established technology service providers, the CIO Watercooler has become the number one place to share challenges and successes within the IT sector. >> See latest articles



The CIO Watercooler provides an exclusive platform for IT leaders, global CIOs and industry visionaries to network and collaborate with their peers in a free and inclusive environment that adds significant value to those key to the future of the IT sector. Members are able to share expertise and raise their profile within a likeminded technology community, using the CIO Watercooler as a single source to keep abreast of the developments within the vendor / service provider marketplace. >> Become a member