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How to Improve Your Brand Consistency With a DAM Platform

With a vision of an economic rebound, businesses are returning from the impacts of a life-changing pandemic to face lasting changes in the customer mindset and the way businesses are run. While brands are...

Chief Digital Dinosaur?

Should we be reconsidering the relevance of the Chief Digital Officer and the whole digital designation? I think it is a good question. Everyone has a view of the most valuable members of the...

Who Makes You Think Multi-Cloud?

Contributor and Cloud Evangelist Ian Moyse seeks the capabilities most have come to hope from a multi-cloud environment. Many either pay lip service in delivery or have found their current approaches limiting. Where is the promised land of “easy to shift when required” and to mix cloud platforms freely without limitations of cost and development?  The Multi-cloud enables an organisation to distribute workloads across multiple cloud environments, mitigating single cloud risks and gaining a bigger return for investment.

Robotic Process Automation and the Welsh

I’ve written the following brief article for general staff to get them thinking about RPA in their particular areas. Feel free to borrow for your own staff if it helps!

‘What do the Welsh and process improvement have in common?…’

Cloud Broadening Customers Realms of Innovation

From a recent cloud event I took a number of insights from customers, speakers and industry commentators as to some of the realities affecting us all in business right now when considering cloud, IOT, AI, Big Data and more.

What Really is Digital Transformation?

What really is Digital Transformation? You may be surprised to find it’s a lot less technical than you think.

Transforming the traditional to digital requires we understand what Digital really means…

The new reality for government

The UK government has little option but to rethink the way it operates by moving beyond digital transformation to digital reinvention.

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