Digital | CIO WaterCooler - Part 2


What Really is Digital Transformation?

What really is Digital Transformation? You may be surprised to find it’s a lot less technical than you think.

Transforming the traditional to digital requires we understand what Digital really means…

A tale of two retailers

A tale of two retailers- Digital need not be painful and can be very profitable Six tips for improving digital...

Kristine Kirby

9 Digital Innovation Myths with Kristine Kirby

Do you still believe these 9 myths about digital innovation?

Emma Roderick from La Fosse Associates interviews Kristine Kirby, Managing Director of Digital for Pragma, on the most pervasive fallacies around digital innovation.

Would you be a Digital Donor?

Our medical records, in splendid isolation are brilliant crafted records of our troubles and treatments and outcomes. Good or bad. Successful or otherwise.

What if we agreed to Donate our Records now?

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