How to get your employees glued up on the Digital Transformation

How to get your employees glued up on the Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation allows your organization to adapt to a competing business environment and meet sustainable growth goals.

We can change our technologies, our infrastructure, and our processes. But without addressing the human element, lasting change will not happen. If employees don’t keep up, they will be left behind and chances are that your digital transformation will fail.

Digital Transformation is far more than just providing digital gadgets & smartphones to employees. It requires a change in culture at an organization, at all levels from the CEO down to the lowest hierarchy.

Ultimately digital technologies are used by people, and success is directly dependent on how your employees are using that technology properly and harnessing its full potential.

Many employees are skeptical about the benefits of digital technologies, believing them to be a threat to jobs. In many instances, Robotics and artificial intelligence are perceived as being replacements for them. Such fears can easily translate into a lack of engagement with new technologies.

They need to feel safe in their roles, and to understand that digital transformation is intended to enhance their work life, rather than any threats.

Here are some of the ways to get your employees glued up on digital transformation:

Create a Dialogue & encourage open communication
Digital initiatives should start with evangelizing what, why & how of digital.
Leaders should actively ask employees what they’d like to see in terms of digital improvements.
Which tasks are taking too much of their energy? What information would they want access to while serving customers? How do they think digital technology could make their jobs easier?
The key is to communicate to staff what is being deployed, why it is being deployed, and how it will affect each individual employee. Emphasize this information to get them on board right from the beginning.
Establish open door policy and proactive messaging from the executive team.

Address the concerns upfront
It’s important to anticipate as many questions as possible and have answers ready for them. With all the talk around digital, it is natural for them to wonder:
• Is my job safe in this age of digital & automation?
• How is this going to impact me and my co-workers?
• What if I don’t have the skills to perform?

Invest in Upskilling
It is critical to implement a thorough training program for employees, to learn about the new products & technologies that improve the end customer experience. Like customer journey mapping, it will be a good idea to create employee journey mapping, their day in office and address the pain areas.

Allow Fail fast & experimentation
Allow them to fail fast which does not affect their performance reviews. Employees can then freely experiment without fearing the consequences of mistakes.

Empower Employees
If your employees have everything they need to do their work as best they can, they will feel valuable. Employees should be allowed to take some decisions in the best interest of customers and organizations. Employees can work remotely, use their own devices, and utilize digital tools to interact impactfully with consumers and each other. Make sure each employee knows how her work contributes to the overall success of the project.

Improve Employee Involvement
Embracing digital transformation is more easily achieved through increased employee engagement. Often, digital immigrants will struggle with the latest digital transformations technologies but their insight and experience are invaluable for young employees.

Celebrate even the small success
Celebrate each and every small success to make it visible at all levels to increase the morale of the team and show the value to other employees.

Ensure you have your people on board for this digital transformation journey, else you won’t make it far!!

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