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Big Data

Open Source

Hadoop: here today, gone tomorrow?

By the time you read this MapR may be out of business, while Cloudera is in trouble. As the leading commercial supporters of Hadoop this raises questions about its future. Apologists for the technology...

How to get your employees glued up on the Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation allows your organization to adapt to a competing business environment and meet sustainable growth goals. We can change our technologies, our infrastructure, and our processes. But without addressing the human element, lasting...

Role of the CIO

Overcoming Reticence To Drive Technology Adoption

As the newly appointed head of information technology (IT) at Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL), I’ve been evaluating where the business is today and where it aims to be in five years, and I am...

Digital transformation

User Experience Design – a key to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is moving any company into the future. Well, this statement is true for Disney, Nestle, Apple, Amazon and other leaders as they focused mostly on the customer/user experience.   Digital Transformation is in almost every c-level...


Digitization in Fitness Industry

Remember as children we used to play more physical games & ground activities like football, cricket and even some local games. As we grew we were more physical in our daily activities which had...

Human Resources

How HR Analytics play in Digital Age

Today every company is acting on the digital transformation or at least talking about digital transformation. While it is important to drive it by analyzing customer behavior, it is extremely important to understand who from your...

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