How to address the reluctance for Digital Transformation?

How to address the reluctance for Digital Transformation?

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  1. Another great article Sandeep.. Many thanks.. My only comment would be that whilst some time served veterans do indeed resist change, it is certainly not all or exclusively that age group who push back against the adoption of new technologies and processes.. In my experience person type can also be a big indicator of whether an individual will respond or react to change.. And, as you point out in your article, it is beholden on great leaders to personally engage people in change in a way that reduces fear and increases the reward and motivation for ‘moving with the times’

  2. Alan Webb says:

    Good article Sandeep… Adding to Harvey’s point, I have seen all levels of experience being reluctant to embrace new tech and process change. The common factor that bound these people together was performance reward.

    A key lesson I learnt was to make the transformation successful and mean something to everybody in a tangle manner, make sure employees’ performance and objectives are linked to the transformational change and therefore linked to reward packages.

    If the employee’s performance measures are linked to old business objectives and measures this leads to people falling back to old practises because they are looking at a very tangible benefit that has a direct impact on them.

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