Digital | CIO WaterCooler - Part 3


the AI question

To AI or Not to AI that is the Question

When we look at what AI is meant to be; ‘the mechanisation of the behaviour of human thought’  ; the ability for a machine to behave in a humanlike fashion, making autonomous decisions based on reasoning, to have thought that leads to smart decisions and hence improved outcomes, ideally better than a real intelligence could achieve. We seek this for advantage, not because we are not capable, but if achieved, a machine can operate faster, assimilate more data, do it for longer and in a way that human factors such as tiredness, stress and emotion will not affect.

Data Custodianship

What is Data Custodianship?

Data Governance is full of jargon and terminology. And the interesting thing about it is that it is all subjective. Different people use different terms, well, differently within Data Governance. This is usually because...

What is organizational agility

​So what is organizational agility?

Have you ever noticed people keep talking about things, but they’ve not aligned with what their words mean? I have seen agility measured as the number of “agile teams” and the “number of training...

Cyber Security: The Operational Illusion

Security culture and governance eat tech for breakfast Looking back at what happened at ground level throughout the COVID crisis, it is clear that the focus has been entirely on operational matters: From moving...

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