Alliander Uses Capability-based Planning to Support Agile Digital Transformation

“Having a business capabilities model is good to have in times of stability, slow change. But it is very, very important to have in a time of business transformation.” – Martijn van Glabbeek, Manager Corporate Quality & Data Management – Alliander

Business Goals

  1. Maintain a clear vision of the digital future and roadmap
  2. Keep track and ensure coordinated progress of distributed agile teams
  3. Manage the impact of change and dependencies between programs
  4. Keep track of the performance of distributed functions

The Solution

  1. Capability-based planning
  2. Business impact and dependency analysis
  3. Native ArchiMate metamodel and notation
  4. Easy publication of compelling work deliverables


  1. Transparency and shared vision for coordinated enterprise transformation
  2. Enhanced the strategic decision making process
  3. Minimize costs and disruption during transformation program

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