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Data analytics

The Six Principles for Successful Data Governance

There are six principles that underpin all successful data governance initiatives. These are principles that I have developed over many years of experience of successfully (and sometimes not so successfully in the early days)...

Science, Truth and Reasoning in a Pandemic Age

Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict produces articles that are impactful and easy to consume on-the-go, because they’re concise yet comprehensive. This article is no different, Kevin reminds us of the incredible truths data, scientific processes, and analytics can provide. Now more than ever, it’s important to place our bets on data-driven facts opposed to superstitions or gut feelings.

Matt Wright

Data and Analytics Spotlight: 15 Minutes with Matt Wright

Matt is a recognised IT business leader and CIO, having worked as Global Transformation Director for WPP, European CIO for SABMiller and Director of IT Operations and Vendor Management for Transport for London.

Johnnie Greenwood from technology, digital and change recruiter La Fosse Associates, spoke to Matt about where some companies are going wrong in their data and analytics reporting, the impact of GDPR and his predictions about which digital roles will rise and fall.


IoT and VCR, now onto C

Visibility in IoT is a good start but much more value can be derived from understanding cause and effect on your business. This article dives into causation, with some real-world example.

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