Improve patient care and transform your practice with data science

Improve patient care and transform your practice with data science


Data science solutions have had a transformative impact on every industry from retail to healthcare. Through this blog, we’ll uncover how data science solutions have improved patient care and helped healthcare professionals transform their practice. We see how this noble industry has hit the gas pedal in the wake of this nasty pandemic, but how it is that they’ve been able to keep a clutch on the virus and cured a large number of patients. 

We’ve heard that data science is the future of healthcare, through this blog, we’ll attempt to see just how. 


You’re at a significant loss if you don’t make the right decision in today’s lucrative business arena using predictive data science solutions.

When you go back 20 years into the business timeline, business people believed that every decision is an opportunity cost, and different people may choose a varied option. But that principle might not be applicable in today’s tech-savvy world. 

Today, out of a pool of course-of-action, there is always one right choice that helps you outshine your competitors. And data science for business helps you move closer to the right decision. 

In simple terms, Data Science is a continuous process of evaluating a set of data with mathematical, statistical, or computer-based tools. This practice gives you a more in-depth insight into your customer’s current preference, predict future preferences, keep a close tab on your competitors, and formulate pragmatic strategies. 

It received the spotlight in early 2010 and has been the show-stopper ever since. Data science companies have made a fortune by providing such services to other companies. 

But why is data science so popular? 

Given the massive turnover in the business arena, business people want to eliminate any contingency by planning down to the last detail. Data science solutions allow them to peak into the future and tweak to their benefit. 

Let’s take a quick look at the role of Data Science solutions in the business arena.

How is data science revolutionizing the business arena?

Be it the E-commerce sector or healthcare – Data science helps industries identify their true potential and unveil multiple service points to make their customers happy. 

Let’s take an example of the healthcare industry; 

The healthcare industry generates data in terms of Quantified patient care,  medical image analysis, genetics & genomics, drug creation, prognosis & diagnosis, managing customer data, and so much more. Each of these generates a substantial amount of data that can help healthcare professionals make better decisions regarding medicines and create medicines for as many ailments as possible. As of 2020, the patient care industry alone has generated over 2314 exabytes of data. 

Quantified health is riding the transformation wave in the patient care industry at the moment. Your customers are well informed and worried about their health, and that’s why they use wearables like fitbits, have their blood pressure monitored by the BP cuffs, and use glucometers. Such tools help pick up on any danger way faster than your body can give you signals naturally. This data is then stored in some cloud accessible to healthcare professionals to better their prognosis, drug creation, and understanding ailments better. 

Patient Care and Data Science – Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

Let’s see how data science solutions can help you improve patient care.

1. Monitor and prevent health problems with wearables

Wearables record almost 2-terabytes of data every day, which means that every day the patient care industry generates substantial data to help healthcare professionals. While these wearables might not be able to track the more deep-tissue aliments. But they can monitor wide-spread issues like Heart-attack, blood pressure, and diabetes more quickly. 

Given that 655,000 Americans die due to a heart attack every year, constant monitoring will allow them to watch their stress levels and keep their blood pressure in control. 

These wearables use machine learning algorithms to monitor your oxygen, blood, and other levels and keep you on the healthy side. 

All the data generated from these wearables are then used by multinationals & pharma-companies to identify the creation of a new drug that suits customer needs. 

2. Streamline Drug Discovery and Creation

While the world is witnessing a rapid technology change, drug creation still seems to be a slow process. According to a report, it takes around 12-years to create a drug and test a drug. Which means that if any new disease hit the market, the world would have to wait for at least 6-years for the drug even with streamlined processes. Constant patient care allows healthcare professionals to plan with data science solutions and create the required drugs that the world might need 10-years down the line. 

In addition to being ready before-hand, all the data collected via wearables, prescriptions, prognosis, and diagnosis can help healthcare professionals create a better sphere for the people in the world. Analysis and implementing data science solutions on such data points will help them identify trends in diseases and crack a shift in consumer preferences in society. 

3. Treatment and Post-care monitoring 

Treating patients with a rare or different disease can be a challenging task. Believe it or not, doctors try a series of permutations and combinations before they can lock down on one combination of medicines that works. And even in such times, different body-types might need a different combination of medicine. 

Data science solutions can help facilitate patient care by running computer algorithms on an existing data set in a particular vertical. Such automation can help them identify the right combination for each body type and cure ailments faster.

Let’s take an example to understand this; 

Say a person is diagnosed with a rare disease. Since her immunity is strong, with a few antibiotics, she recovers quickly. But when another person with a weaker immunity catches the same disease,  it takes him 2 months to recover. 

Now, all this information is stored somewhere. Doctors can use this data to club similar symptoms in one category and reduce the recovery time and quicken the process. 

4. Patient History For Better Diagnosis

From kids to adults and then the retired population, everybody has a set of doctors that they visit as when it is required. As informed citizens, we know that consulting with the same doctor is better than changing your doctor every so often. Once you’re comfortable with a doctor, they understand the way your body functions and are versed in your medical history. Such deep understanding gives them a chance to make a better diagnosis than a new doctor. 

Believe it or not, data science solutions are the reason why this happens!!

Your every visit gets recorded, and the next time you visit the doctor, they’ll probably be able to tell why you’re visiting. And this will allow them to treat their patients better and quicker.

Using Data Science For Patient Care – A Bright Future

The patient care industry is skyrocketing by the year. And when you introduce automation into this industry, it only makes it more accessible. The hard truth is that a vicious cycle has to lead us to this path but on the bright side, data science solutions have made it easy for us to diagnose and treat any ailment that comes our way. Data science for patient care business is the it-thing in the market that transforms the healthcare industry by leaps-and-bounds. It has led us to believe that we have the power to cure ourselves with automation, and that is a powerful tone. 

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