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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation helping to reduce patient’s readmission

Digital Transformation is helping all the corners of life and healthcare is no exception. Patients when discharged from the hospital are given verbal and written instructions regarding their post-discharge care but many of them...

Product recommendations in Digital Age

By 1994 the web has come to our doors bringing the power of online world at our doorsteps. Suddenly there was a way to buy things directly and efficiently online. Then came eBay and Amazon...

Deep Learning

What is Deep Learning ?

Remember how you started recognizing fruits, animals, cars and for that matter any other object by looking at them from our childhood? Our brain gets trained over the years to recognize these images and...

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation – Age of Instant Gratification!!

Remember the scenario of 1990s office environment: We had our family photos pined on the board, Our contacts were written by our hands and arranged in alphabetical order for easy retrieval, For calling anyone...

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