CIO WaterCooler TV: CIO and CFO – Building a relationship of trust and communication

David Savage speaks with David Tidey, CIO, Richmond & Wandsworth Councils, about the importance of the CIO & CFO relationship

In the latest episode of CIO WaterCooler TV, we chat with David Tidey about how managing upwards, building the relationship and trust between the CIO and CFO, can contribute to the transformation agenda.


“It’s about trying to talk their language, you’ve got to understand the numbers, the figures, what IT costs and the payback of investing in IT. If you’re doing standard stuff, like implementing Office 365 across an organisation, they’ll see a big cost, so they’ll want to see the benefits. You need to put it in terms they understand, investing in tech is not about getting new shiny stuff, it’s about changing the way your workforce may work, being more mobile, being more flexible, more responsive, improving the way the organisation communicates.”

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