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Want to make hybrid working permanent? Read this first

UK employees now want to work remotely for half the week, according to our latest report with the Centre for Economics and Business Research. But what have new ways of working done for employers?...

city scape with digital communication channels

Eight 2022 Business Communications Trends

Since the start of the decade, we’ve done a collective 180° when it comes to where, when, and how we work. In a recent LinkedIn poll of approximately 800 workers, 41% of respondents said...

Automated Robotics

Our Robot Friend …. or Foe ?

As in my prior commentary, AI is coming to be an everyday term not only from the science fiction of movies, but increasingly from the realities of our everyday lives. Many debates are in...

the AI question

To AI or Not to AI that is the Question

When we look at what AI is meant to be; ‘the mechanisation of the behaviour of human thought’  ; the ability for a machine to behave in a humanlike fashion, making autonomous decisions based on reasoning, to have thought that leads to smart decisions and hence improved outcomes, ideally better than a real intelligence could achieve. We seek this for advantage, not because we are not capable, but if achieved, a machine can operate faster, assimilate more data, do it for longer and in a way that human factors such as tiredness, stress and emotion will not affect.

The Return of Shadow IT – and the Need to Remain Vigilant

Over the years, shadow IT has been a bit like a fashion trend – from captivating the attention of security-conscious organizations around the world to being accepted as a part of doing business. However,...

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