The Global CIO Series: Jim catches-up with Andrew Wilson, Global CIO, Accenture

We’re back for the next edition of our global CIO series and in this interview Jim DuBois, former Microsoft CIO catches up with his once technology counterpart Andrew Wilson, global CIO of Accenture.

They talk talent and Andrew shares a few examples of how AI or applied intelligence (as he refers to it) is being used and deployed at Accenture.

He explains how the CIO organisation (internal IT organisation) has significantly shifted it’s thinking to become a more proactive entity, engaging much more with the different stakeholders in the business and how they now openly suggest areas of opportunity and ways in which they can move the business forward collaboratively.

Andrew outlines the huge benefits with their move to the cloud and also how some businesses seem to be missing a trick with cloud transformation.

Concluding, Jim gets Andrew’s opinion on how he sees the role of  CIO evolving and what you can do to stay ahead of change. We also manage to sneak in some great tips and advice for aspiring CIOs and IT leaders.

We hope that you enjoy!!!

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