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Turning the Tables on Cyber Security Budgets

Time to move away from bottom-up dynamics: The Board should decide on priorities and drive the discussion As we hit budget time again in many large organisations, it is still amazing to see the...

Cyber Security: The Operational Illusion

Security culture and governance eat tech for breakfast Looking back at what happened at ground level throughout the COVID crisis, it is clear that the focus has been entirely on operational matters: From moving...

With Great Data There Comes Great Responsibility

Data is the new oil of business and managing, protecting and securing it in an effective manner is critical to us all. 2020 has changed this game with more dispersed data & and increased threat landscape.


Who’s using your computing power?

As the value of bitcoin increases,. so does the temptation for people to use your hardware and electricity to ‘mine’ this currency. Can you be sure that this isn’t happening to you, from external or even internal sources?

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