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The difference between a Fintech and Finance Recruiter

Fintech is a relatively new category and has a strong influence from Tech. Fintech specialist recruiters usually have a stronger network and understanding of the technology aspect and are therefore less likely to source candidates from the traditional finance category

Is open banking doomed from the start?

The financial world is currently in the throes of implementing two landmark regulations aimed at making the banking sector more customer-centric, secure, competitive and innovative. However, if you look beyond the headlines, it is...

FinTech Forum: Informed Investing for PE, with Neira Jones

One UK company recently increased their shares by 394% just by adding the word ‘blockchain’ to their name. Neira Jones, former director of payments, security and fraud for Barclaycard, shares the six key questions to ask to distinguish a sound investment from a speculative bubble, with La Fosse Associates’ PE specialist Emma Roderick.

Neira Jones

FinTech Forum: 5 Predictions for 2018, with Neira Jones

The buzz around the payments space is at an all-time high, with incumbent FS organisations and regulatory bodies alike rushing to catch up with the speed of emergent FinTechs. Louis Rado from technology, digital and change recruiter La Fosse Associates sat down with Neira Jones, former Director of Payments, Security and Fraud for Barclaycard, to discuss her predictions for the payments space in 2018.


Banking on Biology with DLT

Since I returned from Hong Kong I have been researching a prospect that would draw upon experience, expertise and technology from Banking and FinTech, and apply to it solving some of the core challenges...


Fintech Collaboration – A story of David and Goliath

The partnership between fintechs and banks has often been told as a story of David and Goliath, a relationship that has been contentious at best and adversarial at worst. Many industry observers predicted that the progressive culture...


Back in Blighty!

After a total of 165 days as a FinTech CTO in Hong Kong I’m back in Blighty! I’ve had an amazing time in Hong Kong and its been a fantastic opportunity to realise the...


Being a FinTech CTO in Hong Kong Day 81

I was delighted to be asked to speak at Red Hat’s FinTech Executive Roundtable at the opulent Mira in Hong Kong. A big thank you to Peter Man and Andy Ho for inviting me...


Traditional Banking Model on the verge on extinction….

That banks are not keen to lend to individuals and small businesses is no longer news around the world. In the US, the biggest banks are making far fewer loans to small businesses than...

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