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Types of Customer Master Data Management

Generally speaking, Master Data Management is thought of as being leveraged in four different ways in an organization. These approaches are, for the most part, exactly the same for the management of customers, vendor,...

To Delete Or Not To Delete — That Is The Question

There seems to be confusion in corporate America about whether or not to delete data. On one hand, there are legal departments that advise keeping everything forever, and on the other are those that recommend deleting everything as a matter of policy as soon as possible — whacking away at files and folders on your file servers like a drunk landscaper whirling a weed whacker around your yard. Meanwhile, IT is stuck in the middle trying to develop and engineer systems to enforce ever-changing data retention policies.

This is Inbox Hell

I’ve recently been ruminating on, what seems to me as the abyss of inbox hell. Between my many email accounts, calendar invites, text messages, Facebook messages, LinkedIn messages, and everything else — I just can’t seem...

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