Gavin Whatrup

A Group IT director / CIO with nearly 30 years IT experience. Having completed several transformation projects, covering cloud adoption, collaboration and integration, information & cyber security, I've noticed that it's not just the pace of change that is accelerating but that all parts of the business are demanding it. Data & analytics are key drivers in developing new insights & services for our clients and our own businesses. Any infrastructure development, be it cloud, on-prem or hybrid, has to allow for data solutions to flow across your organisation, wherever and however it operates. And with new initiatives in the use of Big Data, having an integrated approach to platform & infrastructure will be essential to maximising the ROI. Having strategies around mobility, flexible working & BYOx are key to employee engagement and productivity. However, securing corporate data needs to be front & centre. Having a comprehensive information security policy that incorporates this, should form part of the broader Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) model.

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