IT Modernisation: The Best of Both Worlds

IT Modernisation: The Best of Both Worlds

Harmonising Public and Private Cloud

The trend for companies to move their critical business applications to the cloud continues to gather momentum and yet, many companies run workloads with characteristics which limit their ability to adopt public cloud. These limiting characteristics can include data transfer latency requirements and security and compliance needs. Critical applications may require significant transformation, deemed too risky or costly an undertaking at a given point in time. Highly regulated industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Public Sector are particularly impacted, but these public cloud challenges arise in numerous industries.

In this context, it’s no surprise that we continue to see strong demand for private cloud solutions which offer public cloud benefits stacked on dedicated, on-premises infrastructures.

At a practical level it can be challenging and costly for organisations to design, build and run private clouds, not least if they are also actively reducing their data centre footprint. Finding people with skills in the relevant technologies may also be a challenge.


“Speed and flexibility are the watchwords of today’s automotive assembly line, and BMW is staying ahead of the curve by updating its global IT systems with best-in-class technical solutions and the world-class talent to design and manage those systems. As part of a strategic partnership with BMW, Kyndryl will serve as the lead integrator of an innovative storage-as-a-service project that will provide the cloud data infrastructure foundation for all of BMW Group’s data centre operations in across 17 countries on five continents. BMW’s key markets in China, Germany and the U.S. are included in the project.”

Here at Kyndryl, we offer a fully managed service approach in a pay-per-use, OpEx framework which integrates the latest compute, storage and network options. Kyndryl Private Cloud is designed to maximise flexibility (both technical and commercial) and allows customers to choose whether they use their own data centre, a Kyndryl data centre, or co-location facility.

Managed private cloud has many of the benefits of public cloud, including elastic scalability, self-service provisioning and automated workload balancing, and offers a flexible, selective path for the migration of applications and data. Adding a distributed or local cloud as a service brings even greater benefits, as aspects of the public cloud are brought into the data centre, creating seamless integration between private and public platforms.  Kyndryl Private Cloud provides the foundation for Distributed Cloud and a single, consistent portal for all workloads.

As a seasoned services provider, Kyndryl continues to invest in a managed service approach because we understand how important it is to offer capabilities which help our customers accelerate cloud adoption whatever the characteristics of their business applications may be.

Read new whitepaper, The Best of Both Worlds, to find out more.

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