Data Governance Know How

Data Governance Know How

Embarking on a journey in Data Governance can feel isolating and overwhelming. It’s very common in this field to struggle to find a sense of connection and understanding in your day-to-day work. But there are places to feel less lonely, share best practices, and meet new Data Governance friends including ‘Data Governance Know How’!

Data Governance Know How is a group that a few connections and I came together to form and is a supportive community focused on Data Governance.

When first venturing into the realm of Data Governance, many of us find ourselves navigating uncharted waters. The lack of camaraderie and shared experiences can make this journey feel solitary and discouraging. Despite attending various industry events, professionals often struggle to establish meaningful connections with like-minded peers. Plus, Data Governance can be a solitary role within an organisation, where you are fighting for change and improvements that others might not fully comprehend. This sense of isolation and the challenges it brings served as the catalyst for the creation of Data Governance Know How.

The group is a space where professionals can come together, share experiences, and collaborate. It’s a therapeutic outlet, allowing Data Governance professionals to discuss their challenges and find solace in the company of others who understand their struggles. We also try to help each other find practical solutions to the issues faced in Data Governance and cultivate a collaborative environment for our members to exchange knowledge and support one another.

Since being formed, Data Governance Know How has evolved and made a huge difference in the DG community, it’s even been described as a “big data hug!” The support also extends beyond formal events, with members readily connecting on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and Slack.

The group’s structure facilitates networking opportunities and the creation of collaborative outputs and resources, providing valuable references for individuals on their data governance journeys.

Data Governance Know How is a pure joy to organise and we all love working with people as passionate about Data Governance as we are. We all find a huge amount of satisfaction in supporting others with their career growth.

We always try to make our events interactive and engaging and try to stay away from the traditional webinar structure, involving our members and catering to their preferences as much as possible. We take topic suggestions and welcome members as speakers to share their insights. By combining practical learning elements with networking opportunities, our events provide a balanced and enjoyable experience for participants and our virtual events allow Data Governance professionals from around the world to participate and benefit from the community.

For those interested in joining, membership is accessible through our Meetup group. We actively encourage new members to join and engage with the community and we have a dedicated channel to foster ongoing conversations and knowledge exchange between events.

If you’re a Data Governance professional seeking support, networking opportunities, and the chance to contribute to the data governance community, I promise you will find a welcoming environment within this group!

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