Bloor Research joins forces with The CIO WaterCooler

Bloor Research joins forces with The CIO WaterCooler

Analyst house Bloor Research has signed an extensive partnership with the CIO WaterCooler, part of which will make all of their research and reports available to our IT leader members in a highly disruptive move for the analyst house.

Under the terms of the partnership Bloor Research will offer the members of The CIO WaterCooler free and unlimited access to the wealth of research material produced by Bloor, as well as access to senior analysts and monthly Digital Boardroom series called ‘Meet the Analyst’ the first of which is:

The Data Driven Enterprise with Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research

We pride ourselves in being able to help our community raise their profile and share best practice amongst their peers, as well as offering a single source to keep abreast of what’s going on in the vendor/service provider marketplace. Having unfettered access to over 200 Bloor Research reports, as well as the analysts themselves, will be of huge value to our community.

We spoke with Justin Speake, CEO, Bloor Research and in his opinion “The CIO WaterCooler has quickly built a reputation for bringing together CIOs and technology visionaries, providing a platform for them to learn from their peers and demonstrate excellence. As part of that peer-driven information exchange the site offers a rich collection of articles, blogs and other content. Integral to that is the role that analysts can play within this community so naturally Bloor is delighted to be recognised as the analyst house associated with the community.”

“Whilst this partnership is initially focused on making our research available to provide CIO’s with independent knowledge and guidance the intension is to make this a far more interactive and reciprocal relationship. This includes joint research, creating new products and services and sharing IP where this adds value to the members,”

Both Andrew Pryor and I established a peer-to-peer networking site that enables CIOs to not only gain insight and knowledge from a range of industry experts, but also help them build and nurture their own personal brands.

Andrew adds: “That the CIO of today cannot be viewed as the IT Director of old ensuring that the lights are kept on within the enterprise. Today the role has evolved into one that not only demonstrates expertise, but one that can bring real value and knowledge to the business which is in turn itself undergoing a transformative process. It is therefore vital for these individuals that they can demonstrate thought leadership and vision and The CIO WaterCooler plays a critical role in that process.”

We’re delighted to be a strategic partnership with Bloor and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

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