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Human, Digital and Future Cadences on a Time Continuum

Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict talks strategy in his latest post, with a fascinating explanation of the time cadences leaders need to be aware of, but also integrate with their digital transformation planning, to be effective.



Thinking Like a Futurist

In this episode, I have the pleasure of learning from TCS’s futurist Frank Diana as he shares his advice on how to think like a futurist during these chaotic times.¬† He walks us through...

Napoleon, Pandemics and Competition

Expert contributor Kevin Benedict draws apt comparisons between the challenges faced during the Napoleonic Wars of the 1800s and the effect COVID-19 is having on business models. Should this crisis fundamentally change how your business operates post-pandemic? If so, how should leaders go about changing their business plans?

A CIO’s guide to Quantum Computing

It’s a sign of advancing age when one realises that many people that will read this article didn’t exist in 1982. That was the year the first CD player was sold in Japan, and the year that Time Magazine declared the computer their ‘person of the year’. It was also the year the Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman came up with the idea of the quantum computer.

Digital transformation

Making the Hard Decisions in Digital Transformation

How can an organization with decades worth of accumulated ERP customizations and configurations, IT systems and customized software applications digitally transform fast enough to keep up with the rapidly changing behaviors of digital customers?...

Are we ready for the connected world?

“..the provocative issues that will emerge from connected artificial intelligence related to our mortality, morality and fundamental beliefs.”

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