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Enterprise architecture

Managing Modern IT Landscapes: A CEO’s Perspective

Companies are emerging from COVID-19 with clear understandings that digital transformation can only be achieved in constant increments — not via one-time change initiatives. For Enterprise Architects (EAs) in multi-tiered organisations, this means monitoring...

enterprise architecture

Demystifying Enterprise Architecture

The history of Architecture in the IT world stems from the need to have scalable systems with  re-usable components that simply the process of building, deploying and maintaining enterprise systems, whilst taking care of...

Enterprise Architecture

Big Data, Agility, and Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is critical to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities presented by Big Data, acting as a guide rope for strategic change.


Enterprise Architecture for the Internet of Things

The estimated 5 billion Internet of Things connected devices today is forecast to grow to over 30 billion by 2020. Enterprise Architecture plays a critical role in managing the vast complexity of the IoT data and infrastructure.

Big Data

5 Things You Should Know About Big Data Enterprise Architecture

Big Data has changed the way in which organizations understand and make use of the growing volume, velocity, variety and value of enterprise data. Any company, whether large or small, can take steps to analyze and make use of the disparate information it has access to, speeding up and increasing focus on initiatives that help drive and grow the company.

With the correct approach, enterprise architecture helps the business target the right market activities and fine tune marketing, sales and business operations.

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