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Turning the Tables on Cyber Security Budgets

Time to move away from bottom-up dynamics: The Board should decide on priorities and drive the discussion As we hit budget time again in many large organisations, it is still amazing to see the...

Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM)

July 14, 2021, marked the advent of a new term: Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM). Gartner announced its arrival in the Hype Cycle for Network Security 2021. “What’s CAASM?” you ask. CAASM is...

The EASY Framework for Your Threat Intelligence Program

In all of my years working in cybersecurity, I never thought I’d create my own framework — let alone one for threat intelligence programs. Why? Because I didn’t think I had anything impactful enough to...

Managed Detection and Response

This Market Report segments vendors within the still emerging managed detection and response (MDR) services market.

Cyber Security and the Culture of Alienation

The COVID crisis is presenting most organisations with unprecedented situations, but it does not make cyber security less of a priority. On the contrary, cyber security – whether it is in support of remote working, e-commerce or digitalised supply chains – will be a pillar of the “new normal”. Now is the time to deal with it strategically, and from the top down.

Cybersecurity to the board

Talking Cybersecurity to the Board

Cybersecurity has historically been a tough topic to explain to boards. Now with the cost of breaches increasing rapidly, cyber leaders need to think of innovative ways to get boards engaged. At the latest...

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