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Role of the CIO

Overcoming Reticence To Drive Technology Adoption

As the newly appointed head of information technology (IT) at Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL), I’ve been evaluating where the business is today and where it aims to be in five years, and I am...

Does Blockchain Have a Role in Health and Care?

Does Blockchain have a role to play in Health and Care?

Over the last few years, there have been many ‘pilot’ projects to consider how blockchain could be used in a health and care setting and some have been genuinely promising with solid use-cases behind them but where are we today?

Blockchain for Healthcare in Dorset

Crypto-currencies are revolutionising how the world looks at currency, transactions and trading.  But the crypto-currency is only one more recent aspect of the possibilities of the original 1991 blockchain concept. The idea that activity...

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