Taylor Pritchard, MSc.


Taylor Pritchard, MSc.

IT Commercial Director

Info-Tech Research Group

IT's Periodic Table of Elements

Hello there!

My name is Taylor and I’m from Info-Tech Research Group where we take a ‘how-to’ approach to IT. I’m here to share insights and best-practice research with interested parties.

We provide actionable tools to support IT leadership with strategy and governance, process improvement, project execution, vendor agnostic software selection, leadership training, diagnostics and benchmarking. This also includes access to a repository of +1400 policy templates compliant to various frameworks (NIST, ISO, etc.), RFP templates, and other time saving materials.

We leverage our IT Management & Governance Framework, or as I like to call it, the Periodic Table of IT Processes pulling the best from COBIT5, ITIL, NIST, ISO, CIS, TOGAF, PMBOK and more!