Stuart Gammon

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Stuart Gammon


Vice President Sales Europe at Box

A results driven leader specialising in building, transforming and motivating teams to drive world class results for their business and that of their customers.

A proven ability to lead cross functional teams beyond the sales environment to drive exponential growth in velocity, mid market and full blown strategic sales segments.

Execution and leadership for me is aligning the core business functions, from marketing, customer success, pre-sales, sales and alliances, providing the support, guidance and then the space to deliver exponential growth.

Doing this correctly inspires transformational projects at a customer level as technology creates new game changing opportunities. Today is about taking on more than a trusted adviser role, it’s about challenging the status quo and being part of the customer journey.

When I am not focused on driving team and client success, my time is spent with my two young daughters who have taught me more about negotiation in the last few years than 18 years in tech sales.Box