Kevin Long


Kevin Long

Independent Consultant


Independent Consultant at DataFit

Senior-level, highly experienced specialist in data, analytics and customer value. Enterprise level sales and marketing experience; through business development and consulting roles.
Takes a strategic approach, focussed on identifying and understanding areas of potential value enhancement; then defining and delivering tangible, quantified improvements.
Professional in everything; gains trust and respect; takes a team approach to delivering results. Effective manager, but not afraid of hands-on detail and execution. Passionate about delivering value to customers and prospects. Absolute focus on quality of execution. Successful and well regarded manager and mentor. Sets high standards; recognises achievement. Personable, dedicated, hard-working, entertaining. Experienced presenter, writer and spokesperson. Effectively handles new and stressful situations.
Set-up Teradata’s New Business Sales team, developing a highly-effective strategy to develop new name business generating £20m over 4 years. Key member of the Management Team contributing to strategy and direction; creating 88% revenue growth over 4 years.