David Terrar


David Terrar

Sales and Marketing Director / Founder & CXO

Bloor Research / Agile Elephant

I’m known as a thought leader in digital transformation, social business and cloud computing. I’m a software guy who started on mainframes and minicomputers, but has embraced the shift to cloud, social, and mobile in a world gone digital. I combine more than 30 years of business experience with over 10 years of blogging and social media expertise. I’m passionate about helping people understand the shift to digital, the implications of new business models, and how businesses can do more with less.

I’m a versatile, resourceful and successful director and manager, with experience of operating companies and start-ups within the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Following a technical, development and sales foundation of 9 years with IBM, I’ve been involved in managing development, support, operations and consulting, although my real expertise is in leading sales and marketing for both direct teams and channel partners. I’m well practiced in sales process techniques including power base selling, solution selling, strategic selling, SPIN and the shift to social selling.

I’m a regular speaker at CeBIT, Cloud World Forum, Cloud Expo Europe, Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Italy, Enterprise Digital Summit Paris and London, and i2 in Zurich. I’m involved in running events like the Combined Social Business Sessions London, London Wiki Wednesdays, was one of the founders of the CreativeCoffee Club, and co founder of Amplified – the network of networks.

I’ve been blogging and writing about business and technology since 2005, and I’m a member of the Enterprise Irregulars group. I like to contribute to our industry, so I’m a director & deputy chair of Cloud Industry Forum, was a director of EuroCloud UK, chaired techUK’s SaaS Group, and am a judge for the UK Cloud Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

I’m from London’s East End. I’m based in St. Albans with my wife and two children (aged 24 and 26). My interests outside of work include music, film, reading and supporting West Ham United.