Why Cloud is the Key to Achieving DevOps Value | 10th Magnitude

Why Cloud is the Key to Achieving DevOps Value | 10th Magnitude

Cloud accelerates DevOps success by adding speed and agility to help you get benefits faster—including innovating more rapidly, delivering application features faster and improving employee satisfaction.

Brian Blanchard, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at 10th Magnitude, recently presented a webinar that explains the cloud and DevOps connection.

In the webinar, Brian describes several key components for DevOps success and offers specific guidance on using Microsoft Azure to accelerate DevOps adoption.

Here are some highlights of Brian’s topics:

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) enable you to release software faster while maintaining high quality and keeping costs under control.
  • Monitoring and remediation are critical for managing a production environment that’s constantly in flux.
  • Responsive automation enables a self-healing, self-scaling and self-learning environment.

In the webinar, Brian expands on these and other DevOps keys and walks through how to use the pre-built components and capabilities of Microsoft Azure to accelerate DevOps adoption in your organization.

Watch the recorded webinar to get the full details on how you can use Microsoft Azure to enable DevOps success.

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