What the top 10% of talent are looking for – and how to be that brand

What the top 10% of talent are looking for – and how to be that brand

A company’s values, culture, ethics… today’s candidates look for so much more than a good salary and benefits package. Create – and genuinely be – a great company to work for and you’ll find the very best people in your industry knocking at your door.

The definition of a “good job” has changed a lot in recent years. A strong compensation package, job security and the promise of career progression are no longer enough to consistently pull in and retain the very best talent available. This is particularly true of the younger generation who, as Forbes recently described it, wants to be “more than a cog in a massive machine”.

Today’s employee is looking for a job that will give them a sense of purpose, an employer that shares their values, and a workplace with a culture aligned with their own. As these attributes are so vital to today’s candidates, they are increasingly turning to sites such as Glassdoor to find out exactly what it’s like to work for you, using reviews, CEO approval ratings and even office photos.

This means that when it comes to creating and marketing your employer brand, it makes sense to lead with your values, how you intend to make a difference to the world, and what it is that you really want to do as a business – beyond just making money. And most importantly in this climate of transparency, it needs to be genuine. If you have created a great place to work, and your employer brand is a true reflection of what you stand for, you’ll find yourself attracting not only the best talent – but the best talent that suits you.

Our Story

At La Fosse Associates, we’ve built a world-class recruitment team. This success is down to a huge number of factors, but one of the most significant is simply that we’re a great place to work. Looking after people, ensuring their quality of life, and maintaining a co-ownership program and a flat organisation structure have helped us build a culture that good talent wants to be a part of. And that culture, that genuine employer brand, is visible to our candidates from the very beginning. This is not only down to reviews on sites like Glassdoor, but because we actively begin building relationships with potential candidates from the earliest stages – we talk to them. By doing this we reaffirm that we care about our team, that we’re eager to communicate with them on their level, and that we’re a productive, nurturing company that’s just as interested in them as they are in us. By following that model, we’ve built up a team that has helped us:

* Achieve average annual revenue growth of 45% per annum

* Maintain an attrition rate that is 50% less than the industry norm

* Boost our employer brand further by acting as loyal brand advocates

Five quick tips to help you attract the best candidates to your business:

1. Provide evidence

Provide candidates with real human evidence of how you give your employees autonomy and a sense of purpose beyond just making money. Let them know what skills development programmes they’d be included in.

2. Be genuine

Be genuine in everything you do regarding your employer brand. If you find yourself having to exaggerate how great a place your business is to work in, concentrate on making it the kind of place candidates want to work first.

3. Lead by example

Engage with candidates at the earliest possible opportunity, treat them with respect, and demonstrate that you’re as interested in them as they are in you. Picking up the phone and talking to them makes them feel valued.

4. Create a happy environment

Create an environment that people like turning up to every day, and give your current team genuine reasons to become powerful brand advocates. Put in place financial incentives to encourage your current team members to recommend their friends. Good people know good people.

5. Lay the foundations

Don’t approach your employer brand as a traditional marketing exercise. First, lay the foundation for a great employer brand by making your business a great place to work, then focus on demonstrating that in an honest, genuine way.

By following these guidelines, you’ll not only attract the top talent, but find yourself with a company peopled by motivated, engaged and loyal staff who have a genuine desire to see the business succeed. And if you can achieve that, you’re 80% there in my view.

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