What are the qualities needed to lead digital transformation

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  1. Jim DuBois says:

    Good article Steve, and great points about what a transformative leader needs. Mindset is so important. You imply it, but I would call out more explicitly that in major transformations, a leader also needs to be comfortable making mistakes. When trying to do something new and covering so much new territory, there is no way to get everything perfect the first time. Fear of making mistakes can slow everything down, while a willingness to make a mistake, learn from it, and improve, I think is necessary to achieve real success.

  2. Totally agree @jim-dubois. I have seen entire management teams gripped by collective passive fear of getting something wrong – with the result of trying to find the path of lease resistance instead of the path of maximum gain. Also a fair bit of failing slowly and painfully and pretending it’s not happening!

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