What About The Customer?

Being customer centric

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to being (more) customer centric is defining what we mean by that – and it can and does mean different things to different organisations.

The reason being customer centric is important is not only the obvious – that your customers stay loyal when they have good experiences and the product and sales are delivering on our promises, but also as our customers keep evolving and changing, so too are the ways that we operationalise that and support those customers.

A great way to think about customer centricity that really resonates with me is – “A business is customer centric when it delivers on-going growing value to and for their customers.”

If you are customer-centric, it means you are observing that evolution that’s happening to your customer base, and you’re able to be very agile and nimble in responding to that as a business.

I really like this way of thinking as it’s not just for the short term and the now, it’s about the what (the value) and the who (it allows for customers to include customers as we know them, our employees and team members and our shareholders and investors).