Twitter’s JJ Jeyappragash is coming to Cloud Expo Europe London 2017

Twitter’s JJ Jeyappragash is coming to Cloud Expo Europe London 2017

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Twitter’s JJ Jeyappragash is coming to Cloud Expo Europe London 2017. Ahead of his appearance, he speaks to John Bensalhia about the background, challenges and benefits of multi-tenancy and micro services…

What are the likely challenges that enterprises will encounter when they begin to adopt cloud-based architectures?

JJ Jeyappragash will be providing answers to this question in his session at Cloud Expo Europe London 2017. JJ will also look at how to identify and address these challenges early on. “The things I will talk through will connect aggregate experience from deploying ERPs at enterprise IT to building cloud infrastructures and handling cloud transformations at large scale.”

JJ is currently responsible for technology and product at Twitter for its cloud infrastructure management team. “Before this I was with Motorola during Google’s acquisition of the company, building out push notification infrastructure, first of its kind for mobile devices, software upgrades and subsequently moving Motorola infrastructure to Google Cloud.”

“My 20+ year career started out with building Enterprise software (ERP) and for the past 17+ years, I have been building systems for scale. The last 10 years have been specifically focussed on building out cloud and cloud infrastructure at scale.”

One notable concept to be explored in the cloud sector is that of the multi-tenant architecture. “Multi-tenancy is key to enabling micro service-based architectures,” explains JJ. “There are a few primitives that a service participating as a multi-tenant infrastructure should support, like strong identity and access enforcement, metering and quota management and SLA awareness.”

“The next step is to consolidate management of these operations in one single place. This allows operators to administer the infrastructure and understand how it is getting used. This also serves application developers to request and manage the usage of these multi-tenant resources in one single place. As far as micro services go, it provides application developers ability to create, launch, manage their service and have the ability to find out how much a service is spending on each of the resources it is consuming.”

For businesses, JJ says that multi-tenancy is the key primitive to enabling transparency and accountability for the entire organisation. “Multi-tenancy decentralises the financial responsibility all the way to individuals consuming the resources. This allows business to provide a responsible use of infrastructure, by providing fine grained budgets to individual teams specific to each infrastructure resources. For developers, it provides an elastic capacity to a certain extent.”

Expanding on the main challenges for businesses with respect to multi-tenant infrastructures, JJ says that adoption of cloud based architecture is not just a technology shift, but a transformation in culture and organisational shift. “For example, teams have to become small and loosely defined on a short-term purpose and clearly defined deliverable. Financial responsibility falls on developers as much as management. Senior leadership takes more of an advisory and enforcement role and planning happens more from bottom up. Enterprises have to prepare themselves for this change before they can get a wide scale adoption for the cloud based architecture.”

As JJ concludes: “Micro services is just the beginning.”

“Currently there is a disproportional amount of code written for operational support rather than code which addresses the ‘real problem’/business requirements. The ideal goal for any organisation is to be able to convert business requirements to an implemented solution at the speed of thought. Technological innovation like cloud, transformation from monolith to microservices and now lambda are getting us closer to realising this potential.”

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