Track blockchain projects with our new interactive research tool

Track blockchain projects with our new interactive research tool

We’re starting to collect examples of blockchain projects (and in rare cases, products!) as we build out our research into ‘blockchain for business’.

We decided to work on this openly, so you can ride with us as this fast-changing space evolves. To that end we’ve just published a first version of an interactive project-tracking research tool that allows you to play around with our data in order to visualise it in different ways. It’s initially configured to show industry against project type, but you can change the dimensions.

We’ve grouped these projects into five main overall types:

  • Global payments projects look at simplifying cross-border financial transactions, driving down costs through the lack of an intermediary
  • Digital identities and personalisation projects focus on where the individual, rather than any controlling intermediary, owns and controls unique digital identifiers; and can use them to obtain access to, or even personalise, services and experiences etc.
  • Projects that control the access to data (or the processing of it) enable parties to selectively grant permissions for other participants in the network to access data (whether on-chain, or held elsewhere) and process it in workflows.
  • Projects providing asset provenance through transaction assurance in supply chains allow multiple parties (across company, industry, and geographic boundaries) to establish retrospective provenance, track goods through waypoints, and even – through the ingestion of IoT sensor data – log how well they’re being treated, when, and under whose responsibility (in case of dispute).
  • Smart contracts automation projects use business rules stored in smart contracts on blockchain nodes, triggered by events and processed with both on-chain and off-chain data (from the Internet or IoT), to effectively act as a ‘distributed application’ that automatically execute a number of workflow actions.

Today there are 40 projects in the Blockchain Project Tracker, but we’re finding more every week; watch this space for updates. (We’ll tweet on @MWDAdvisors when we add more projects here and/or make other updates to the browser.) We plan to make the tool more sophisticated and prettier over time, too, if it proves popular.

Want us to add your project?

Are you currently working on a blockchain project in your business that we’ve not captured? If you’d like us to feature it in our Blockchain Project Tracker, please get in touch by emailing me at (or DM me on Twitter: @craigwentworth).

Please note: we’re principally interested in ‘blockchain for business’ projects (i.e. not straightforward cryptocurrency projects).

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