Towards the New Year and the Importance of “Getting Stuff Done” – Part 1

Towards the New Year and the Importance of “Getting Stuff Done” – Part 1

Towards the New Year and the Importance of "Getting Stuff Done" - Part 1

Caveat: the following represents my personal views only.

As the New Year approaches and there’s a chance to catch a breath before the next rush of activity begins again, I wanted to thank those colleagues who share the focus and drive towards “getting stuff done”. At the end of the day, delivering results that make measurable improvements through one’s activities can, with enough people, produce positive changes in organizations, sectors, and our world. While outside effects can influence, ultimately it takes implementation work on the inside to yield these changes.

Looking back at 2015, I’m humbled by all the great people I’ve met, worked with, and had a chance to collaborate with across different organizations and sectors who share this results-driven value: the importance of “Getting Stuff Done”. My friends and I even have a hashtag for it (#GSD!) and I’ve come to recognize that my strength, and admittedly weakness, is that if something needs fixing, it’s going to “itch” in the back of my brain until its fixed.

Creative problem solving with others can be a joy, especially if what you’re trying to solve or fix is meaningful.

In our rapidly changing world, it appears that the rapid changes regarding societies, technology, and how we connect as a planet provide no shortage of “Getting Stuff Done”-opportunities. Several of these opportunities are around issues that no one person has all the answers, has all the abilities or resources by themselves, or can do completely by themselves.

This means networks of GSD’ers, or positive change agents as I like to call them, will be ever-increasingly important. Networked GSD’ers will need to include human and technology nodes, to include smart algorithms and other automated approaches to help augment human abilities. I’ll continue more of these ideas in Part 2 of my thoughts regarding the New Year ahead, closing for now with a thank you to all positive change agents in our world with the following:

As 2015 winds down and 2016 nears
    am thankful for friends and work done this year
Thankful for those who share different views online
    our rapidly changing world requires discourse that’s kind

Thankful for opportunities to make a positive impact
    thankful for diverse insights and folks willing to act
Thankful most of all for positive change agents “getting stuff done”
    overcoming obstacles with energy and making work fun


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