Digital Transformation | CIO WaterCooler - Part 17

Digital Transformation

Customer Centric

Aren’t All Businesses Now Customer-Centric?

The impact of digital on organisations has been well documented over the years. Some would argue that the answer to the question “What is digital?” is customer-centricity, and that everything that an organisation does...


Difference between Digitization and Digital Transformation

I have seen many businesses saying they have embarked on digital transformation while in reality, they have just digitized some of their processes. There is confusion over the two terms, Digitization & Digital Transformation. The two...

Software – it’s all about delivery

We are not all capable of, or willing to engage in, building and running a software team. So we look to a development partner, either onshore, nearshore or offshore to build this for us. I am now going to tell you the ONE thing that should be on your mind when you make this choice.


Digitization in Fitness Industry

Remember as children we used to play more physical games & ground activities like football, cricket and even some local games. As we grew we were more physical in our daily activities which had...

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