Systems & Infrastructure | CIO WaterCooler - Part 24

Systems & Infrastructure

Cloud Computing

Employing Cloud or SkaaS

To maximise the opportunity and benefits gainable from cloud you need to align it with new skills and experience sets. Hence a new challenge is appearing of SKaaS (Skills as a Service) !

Azure Resource Manager v2, The Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

In this episode of 10th Magnitude’s “Manhattans Project,” I’m joined by Cloud Consultant Ryan Kelly, who came by from his client assignment to discuss Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and how it can be utilized to remove the obstacles in the way of easy automated provisioning.
With the latest release of ARM, what has changed and how are people using it? How has Microsoft address concerns about business management from within Azure in V2 of ARM?
Let’s find out!


RIP The Old World & Mass Disruption

The biggest inhibitor to progress and agility is willingness to change, people and their attitude are usually the greatest barrier to overcome.

“We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change”

Cloud Computing

Cloud : The Promised World of Utility Billing

Cloud’s are not all born equal. Utility billing is one promise that was made, but is this truly the panacea promised and is it really on offer – are customers getting the most flexible options they expect ?

Innovation, The New “I” In CIO

IT is becoming increasingly integral to businesses of all sectors and so, has become a more competitive arm of organizations as a result. Accordingly, there is a lot more onus on CIOs and IT...

Cloud Computing

Cloud Monitoring – 3 Ways to Shine a Light on Shadow IT with End User Experience Management

A variety of solutions can help IT evaluate technology requests more quickly, speed up implementation times, and foster better collaboration with business units. End User Experience Management (EUEM) takes a different perspective in illuminating the use of Shadow IT – the perspective of the workforce end user. Here are three ways End User Experience Management can help enterprises shine a light on Shadow IT.

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