Systems & Infrastructure | CIO WaterCooler - Part 23

Systems & Infrastructure

MQTT and ISO: A Step in the Right Direction

“To flourish,the IoT needs a community focused on building with standards, not just end to end solutions. MQTT is a critical part of solving that equation and an exciting step forward.”

The 4 Advantages of Choosing a Cloud BI Provider

Along with the rise of Big Data and the desire for companies to better understand their customer base comes the pressing need for business intelligence (BI) solutions. In the past few years these were traditionally...

How to Use Microsoft Azure for Disaster Recovery | 10th Magnitude

Over the past year Microsoft has introduced major new disaster recovery capabilities in Azure. Services like Azure Site Recovery make it easy to replicate on-premises workloads to the cloud and implement a true​ hybrid cloud solution.

Does Cloud Revenue Matter?

The transition from on premises software services to cloud services is complicated in terms of revenue models. It is especially difficult for technology vendors with on premises legacy software. It is not surprising that...

Why Docker is a winner versus VMs Sep 12, 2015

 This is a quote from the blog A Not Very Short Introduction to Docker by Anders Janmyr, perhaps one of top techie bloggers in the world who speaks with such clarity, that even non-techies understand. Now when...

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