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Systems & Infrastructure

Three Smart Ways to Move to Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure | 10th Magnitude

For companies who weren’t “born in the cloud,” moving to the cloud almost always involves taking a hybrid approach in the near term. For instance, many companies in traditional industries such as law firms, banks and manufacturers, have legacy systems that can’t be moved to the cloud for regulatory
or technical reasons. And even with systems that are ready for cloud, you can’t move everything at once. Full cloud adoption is always a process.


How CRM changed cloud and cloud changed CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the forerunners of cloud technologies and remains one of the great success stories in the space and itself has been dramatically changed as it has moved from...

Change Implementation Disillusion; or the Audacity of Change?

Here are a few golden points.

1 – It is never people that are disengaged but visions that are disengaging.
2 – Many highly competent change leaders perform less while implementing change due to high emotional stress and how the human brain functions. They need an outsider coach to perform best. It is scientifically proven.
3 – Matrix organization is economic but with low team spirit, it increases cost as it decreases production.
4 – Two top bottlenecks in change implementation in order of impact are 1: the leaders and 2: the team. Invest in them before the technology and methodology.

Rackspace-Empowered Azure, Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

In this episode of 10th Magnitude’s Manhattans Project, Jeff DeVerter, CTO of Microsoft Technologies at Rackspace, joins me to discuss how Rackspace empowers Azure services. How do customers use hybrid Azure solutions? What are the next big leaps in Rackspace-empowered public cloud solutions with Azure?

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