Knowledge Bank | CIO WaterCooler - Part 6

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How to Successfully Implement a Data Governance Tool

Expert Contributor and Data Governance Coach, Nicola Askham walks us through how to implement a Data Governance tool in the business. From technical to people considerations, this article covers the essentials.

Business Functions Ready for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sweeping the world of business. Most business owners and senior executives have entered the race to implement AI initiatives, but many are still stuck in the starting blocks, wondering where to start.

To 5G or not to 5G (That Is The 2020 Question)

As if the demands on bandwidth and mobile/remote working were not enough, add in COVID WFH needs. More than ever the demands on bandwidth are upon us and 5G is in sight. However the route is not easy and without its bumps as NOKIA just discovered.

The Innovator’s Equation for Success

So often we see businesses that perhaps seem to solve a momentary immediate problem, with not much promise of longevity. In other words, short-lived success. Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict briefly dispenses this pearl of wisdom for innovators, essentially urging the creation of businesses that offer future and long-term success, drawing on the experiences of early inventors like Thomas Edison.

Hic Sunt Dracones – Navigating the next Imperative

As a young child I was always fascinated by maps, old and new. They seemed to spark hope, inspiration and excitement of journeys as yet to begin and at the same offer some reassurance about our own place in the big wide world.

Today, with a deeper appreciation of art and history, early maps in particular, with their curious blend of beauty, half-truths, errors and legendary beasts, offer us a metaphor for today’s uncharted waters, as we take our first tentative steps out of our COVID lockdown. And non-more so than marvelous phrase “Hic Sunt Dracones”; literally Here be Dragons first found on the wonderful Hunt Lenox Globe (1503-1507).

AI, Autonomous Programming and Karma

If you want a decent conversation topic, check out this article from Expert Contributor and Futurist Kevin Benedict. More and more we rely on AI to make decisions, but what if those decisions are not quite right? Who do we blame? Who gets the bad karma, the programmers, or the machine? Well it seems like it’s become an issue of importance in Silicon Valley and further afield.

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