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IT Delivery

Open Source

Can Open Source Companies Be Successful?

Open source is dramatically changing the IT landscape on many levels. For example, open source helps existing software companies jump-start their entry into new markets. Rather than trying to convince customers and partners to...

Red Hat – the open source conglomerate

Red Hat has become a major provider of infrastructure software and tools and faces the same challenges as any technology vendor with a broad product portfolio. However, it remains loyal to the open source ideals that have been at its core from the start.

As successful companies grow, they accumulate products; new ones are developed and additional ones are acquired. Managing diverse portfolios is a challenge, not least when it comes to putting it all together on a single presentation slide to make it appear there is an overall coherent product strategy.


Five Key Benefits of Building an Agile Business

Agile methodologies are especially effective for companies that want to shorten the delivery cycle while closely managing project costs. Here are a few key benefits realized by businesses that implement cross-departmental agile teams. 1....

VMworld 2016 Focuses on VMware’s Cloud Ecosystem Growth

VMware, known for its software stack for virtualized environments, showed its expanded ecosystem at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas. It has made a decided effort to reach into mixed-vendor deployments in virtualized x86 infrastructure...

Software Development Off/Near Shoring – It can work

Global companies, with global customers, need a global talent

Time and time again technology projects fail due to the lack of communication, understanding on requirements and technical obstacles. Plenty are the reasons. It would be therefore only logical for management to avoid any factors that could adversely influence communication such as language barriers, staff geographical dispersion and more. Off shoring part of a software development process should surely be ruled out, right?

Software Management

Optimising Software Management with a DevSecOps Approach

Managing software development whilst also ensuring a high security standard is a difficult job for anyone in the security teams. Read this article to understand how the development, opps and security teams can be aligned in order to get the best result all round.

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