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IT Delivery

Something to remember about failure

The idea of having full control over the results of a project is a common desire, but impossible to achieve if you are not able to control as many context and environmental conditions as...

How Compass Group Australia Built an EA Practice from Scratch

THE CHALLENGE: Determine a single source of truth Compass Group is a British multinational contract foodservice company that serves 5.5 billion meals per year in approximately 50 countries. Darren Shearsby is the Chief Enterprise...

Is it a Culture Thing? | Michał Sztanga, MD, Future Processing

David Savage speaks with Michal Sztanga about culture and the important role it plays in their decisions to work with partners. Michal explains how they apply soft skills to find likeness with their clients, leveraging their similarities to foster productive relationships between stakeholders.

Requirements specification for building new software

If you want your software developers to create an app that perfectly addresses the needs of its users, proper requirements gathering is inescapable. The more attention you spend on defining requirements before the development...

How to Write an Effective RFI to Evaluate Your Potential IT Suppliers?

Since establishing Future Processing nearly 20 years ago, we have responded to countless requests for proposal – some better written than others. But what we have found is that often companies worry about their RFIs and many ask for feedback. For companies making their first foray into offshore development, writing the RFI can be daunting, and understandably so. Bearing this in mind, here are a few tips I have picked up over the years on what makes a good RFI to understand to a supplier.

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