Information Security | CIO WaterCooler - Part 26

Information Security

Enterprise IT in 2020: A Minimal Viable Vision III

  IT Next Generation of Cyber Security The traditional forms of security SAST, DAST and WAF which are reactive and focus on treating symptoms rather than affecting a cure will, in a perimeterless world, result...

Digital Transformation – The Dark Side

All digital transformation initiatives introduce new problems, software bugs, guaranteed network vulnerabilities, new competitors; new business challenges and new stresses. The elimination of all negative consequences and vulnerabilities are impossible, so our focus should be on limiting and containing it, not eliminating it.

Software Management

Optimising Software Management with a DevSecOps Approach

Managing software development whilst also ensuring a high security standard is a difficult job for anyone in the security teams. Read this article to understand how the development, opps and security teams can be aligned in order to get the best result all round.

Cyber Security


As the turmoil around the Panama Papers leak wanes, our attention gradually starts to drift to other headlines. People of power and privilege were engaging in tax avoidance schemes? Has it ever been thus?...

Risk Management

Risk – Abstract concept or Valuable asset

Risk is the potential of gaining or losing something of value. There are two parts to that statement, firstly potential, and the second, value. Sounds simple. And to translate these two components into something that actually means something, these abstract terms need to be made real. They need to resonate with each pair of eyes and ears.

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