Digital | CIO WaterCooler - Part 43


Is technology really giving us a helping hand?

Robot process automation and automation is being touted as the next greatest thing that the CIO should be considering but is it really as idyllic as the press suggests?

Chief Digital Officer

The rise of the Chief Digital Officer?

Globally it is estimated that 7% of companies with a CDO, and analyst firm Gartner are predicting this will increase to 25% by 2017. Gartner’s predictions clearly there to start a debate and to raise the profile of Gartner themselves

Shadow IT

Selling IT in the shade

I was interested in reading a recent Nasuni survey on the adoption of public cloud storage and although seeing 22% of C-level executives adopting Dropbox came as no surprise, it reminded me of a...

Early technology adoption leads to better business results

We been reading with great interest a new report for Harvard Business Review, sponsored by Verizon which demonstrates the importance of technology for companies looking a competitive advantage. The survey asked 672 respondents, who...

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