Digital Workplace | CIO WaterCooler - Part 11

Digital Workplace

Unified Communications and Collaboration – still missing a vital ingredient?

Communications technologies are definitely improving markedly and offer many new and exciting ways for people to connect and share. Rarely a day goes by without a new announcement of some innovation or improvement, often wrapped up in marketing terms about ‘improving collaboration’.

But successful and effective collaboration requires much more than just technology. Mainly it requires more emphasis on people, especially the user experience, and the processes that intelligently connect them to the rest of their team.

Not set in concrete – tailoring IoT to the business

Big data and the Internet of Things offer many opportunities, but organisations need to focus their use of these technologies on what will add value to their business processes and operations, not on simply following the latest trends.


Let employee collaboration lead the way

I’m all for the idea that a great way to get senior-level buy-in for (and drive momentum with) a social collaboration initiative is to find a handful of really good use cases which clearly...

Cloud Computing

From agility to capability – innovation in the cloud

This week’s Innovation Through Interconnection event (hosted by Equinix as part of London Technology Week) brought together speakers from a variety of industries – united by stories of innovation, IoT, and the cloud. LEGO Group’s VP of...


What’s your social collaboration raison d’être?

  One of the most frequent pieces of advice I offer to organisations considering a social collaboration initiative is to be clear why your organisation needs to be more collaborative. It’s not enough for...

Dropbox turns to HPE for kit and credibility

What does the state and scope of the Dropbox / Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnership tell us about the former’s enterprise ambitions (and the latter’s desire to increase its appeal to customers with mobile use...

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