Digital Workplace | CIO WaterCooler - Part 10

Digital Workplace

Unified Communications

Making Sense of the Messaging Landscape

Re-posted from my blog earlier this week: Messaging continues to carry a lot of momentum, especially in the UC&C space, and the more research you do, new avenues open up that you hadn’t considered...

Machine Learning

Merging Humans with AI and Machine Learning Systems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are made up of code and algorithms, and as such, they work as fast as computers can process them.  Often this means massive amounts of learning can be...

The shape of things to come – advanced networking security for the IoT

Many organisations are having to rethink network security to support Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. This includes being ability to continuously monitor devices attaching to networks and apply policy-based controls, without the use of on-device software agents.


Box Relay and the workflow Goldilocks Zone

With Box Relay, Box and IBM have pitched a product into the Goldilocks Zone of ‘just enough’ content collaboration workflow – not too simplistic as to be little better than email and spreadsheets; not too over-engineered as to...

IT Business

Is IT Business Partnering working for you? Problems and strategies for success.

There has been a fashion in corporate IT to utilise IT Business Partnering as a way of getting ‘closer to the business’ – ensuring the IT team are working in alignment with the organisation as a whole. This is often a good model if the organisation has many diverse business areas with specific requirements and challenges. As the advance of consumer technologies removes barriers to entry and lowers investment costs for new entrants it could well be argued that in large organisations this is critical to future success, or indeed survival.

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