Category: Data & Insight

The Cloud’s Transformation of Business Intelligence

The field of business intelligence is nothing like when it got started many years ago; quarterly and month-end reports are minimally relevant when it comes to creating competitive advantage. Today, business people need analytics on an hourly or faster basis. Modern BI systems must be able to incorporate information from many different internal and external systems and data sources with accuracy and speed. To achieve those goals, we are in the midst of a wholesale transformation of the way companies procure, deploy and distribute BI tools to users.

The Data Driven Business

Data guides sound decision making, which introduces new efficiencies and potential market opportunities for an organization. A truly data-driven organization does not mean bringing onboard data scientists or adding a...

The Benefits of Cloud-Based BI Tools for Manufacturers

Modern manufacturers face enormous pressures. Growing markets and intense global competition are driving manufacturers to improve speed and quality while lowering costs.  These companies need to make evidence-backed decisions when...

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