Data & Insight | CIO WaterCooler - Part 10

Data & Insight

Data Visualization

Why Data Visualization matter now?

Data Visualization is not new, it has been around in various forms for more than thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used symbolic paintings, drawn on walls & pottery, to tell timeless stories of their...


The emergence of a new data-centric management vendor

It doesn’t seem that long ago where there were three main focuses on data security: – Hardware/application security – Database security – Document management security Each had its own focus; each had its own...

Data Scientist

Do you want to hire a Data Scientist?

As mentioned by Tom Davenport few years back, Data Scientist is still a hottest job of century. Data scientists are those elite people who solve business problems by analyzing tons of data and communicate the...

Big Data

18 Big Data tools you need to know!!

In today’s digital transformation, big data has given organization an edge to analyze the customer behavior & hyper-personalize every interaction which results into cross-sell, improved customer experience and obviously more revenues. The market for...


A to Z of Analytics

Analytics has taken world by storm & It it the powerhouse for all the digital transformation happening in every industry. Today everybody is generating tons of data – we as consumers leaving digital footprints on...


Cognitive collaboration rules at IBM Connect 2017

This week IBM hosted IBM Connect 2017, its annual customer and partner conference for its Collaboration Solutions division. Taking place in San Francisco for the first time, the conference had a different feel to...

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